Bodenfarbe Floor Paint | Pure & Original

Carazzo - Universallack

Unser Carazzo ist ein superfester, universeller wasserbasierend Lack, getönt mit 100% natürlichen Pigmenten.

Carazzo ist:

  • Schlagfest
  • Kratzfest
  • Scheuerbeständig
  • Waschbeständig
  • Fettabweisend
  • Sehr matt

Richtig auftragen & vor- und Nachteile

The surface that you are going to paint should be clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Due to a good surface preparation, you can help the paint system with long-term protection. 

1. Remove all surface pollution and loose particles. Including lime and rust.
2. Shiny surfaces must always be sanded till matt.
3. Remove all grease, moisture and nicotine stains. Let dry and brush. 
4. The surfaces need to be cleaned with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. New or oil based surfaces need to be prepared with Pure & Original CarazzoPrim.

First apply one coat of Pure & Original CarazzoPrim. Then apply at least two coats of Carazzo. The more thin coats you apply, the more durable the lacquer will be. For a durable floor, we recommend two to three thin coats.

Tip: always apply a test piece first.

Pure & Original Carazzo:

  • It is applicable on concrete, wood, stairs, doors, window frames, furniture and more.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Provides high adhesion.
  • Is durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Is pre-mixed and ready for immediate use.

Durable floor paint

For a durable floor, it is recommended that the floor paint is applied in multiple layers. We suggest a minimum of 2 – 3 layers Carazzo.

The more thin layers are applied, the longer the floor will stay in good condition.
Carazzo im Farbton Topaze

Painting floors

Painting concrete- and cement floors:
The concrete must have cured and should be dry. Concrete may have 5% moisture content. Degrease the surface with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. If the concrete is not porous, rough it up until it is open. Test with a water sprayer. If the water immediately enters the concrete, the concrete is porous enough and ready to be painted.
Start with one coat of CarazzoPrim diluted with 15% water. Let it dry thoroughly and finish with two to three coats of Carazzo.

Painting cast floors:
Ask your dealer for advice.

Painting tile floors and laminate:
It is not recommended to paint tile floors and laminate with Carazzo. 

Painting wood and tiles

Painting wood:
Sand the wood and make sure that the surface is clean. Fill imperfections and holes with a wood filler. Apply one coat of CarazzoPrim. It is recommended to lightly sand the surface in between coats to remove raised grain and to make sure it is free of dust. The wood may have up to 16% moisture content. Finish with at least two coats of Carazzo.

Painting wall tiles:
Sand the tiles till matt and make sure they are clean. Degrease with Pure & Original Super Cleaner. Apply one coat CarazzoPrim. Finish with two coats Carazzo.
Carazzo im Farbton Courtly Rose