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Article HOMIFY colour your interior with trend colours

Add colour to your interior! Pick your favourite out these nine trend colours for 2019: 
  • Timeless blue, a good colour for every interior
  • Trendy yellow, a great combination with blue
  • Down to earth terra, a perfect match with pink
  • Pastel green, works very good on walls (Pure & Original Moonstone is a greyish green which works perfect in Fresco to create soft green walls)
  • Spiced honey, a good combination with other terra tints
  • Velvet wall paint, this is not a colour, but a velvet look gives your walls a rich, dramatic and classic look. The perfect trend look for 2019! Marrakech Walls gives you the look you want. 
  • A warm, earth orange, not too bright, works great with other earth tints
  • And if you dare: purple! A colour you rather love or hate 

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